March 2007

Something I won’t forget

The phrase "never let yourself get too high or too low" keeps running through my head.  It is a common baseball phrase explaining that when things are going good you shouldn’t pat yourself on the back too much and when things aren’t going your way you can’t get down on yourself for long.

I was given the opportunity to start a game on Monday. It was an experience that I will not forget for a few reasons. 

The first reason is the feeling I had leading the team onto the field to start the game.  I cannot wait to experience that again.  Another reason I won’t forget that start are the results of the game and what caused them.  It was a learning experience that I think will help me in the future.

Things are still exciting in camp.  We are pretty much set in our routines now that games have started but there are a few things that break any monotony. 

There are some very enticing bunting games that go on as well as a sometimes painful PFP (pitchers fielding practice) practice that help keep things loose.  The painful part comes into play when every so often instead of using regular baseballs we use softer balls and they are hit about as hard as Pitching Coach Rich Dubee possibly can at us.  He gets a kick out of that.  We, however, don’t enjoy it quite as much as he does but it can be very funny as long as it’s not my turn.