First time in camp


This is my first Major League Spring Training so I may just be caught up in the excitement, but I don?t think it?s just me. There is something special about the 2007 Phillies.  We are only a few days into Spring Training and it is clear.

I?m sure every other club has their talks and meetings to start the things off at camp.  I?m also certain that every other club sets goals, most importantly winning a World Series ring.  At the same time I am also confident that, although the statements are made, no one else delivers them the way Charlie Manuel does.  His delivery is unique to say the least but his points are clear.  He has us feeling motivated and excited and at the same time laughing out loud.

I have been excited to be here since I received word that I was invited to Major League Spring Training back in December.  The thing I was looking forward to the most is meeting and playing with this type of competition.  It is special to see how all of these superstars go about their business.  They really seem to have a good time doing it.  There are a few guys here with nearly twenty years experience in the Major Leagues.  You cannot help but respect the way they go about their routines and get themselves ready physically and mentally to get after it for another season.

I am excited to see where I stand among all these players. We are starting to throw batting practice now and I had my first session throwing to hitters yesterday.  It was a lot of fun getting up there and seeing these guys stepping up to the plate.   Soon we will be throwing without the L screens in front of the mounds and then getting into games shortly after that.  My main focus is on staying healthy and trying to take advantage of any opportunities to gain experience or gain new insight.  So far things have been great.



    Hey Aj,
    About 2 days ago Carlos Beltran responded to Jimmy Rollins comment on the phillies were the team to beat in the nl east”

    Beltran said, “Well what did they win last year.” I think he’s jealous about this year :)!

    Howard could say, “Well who won the MVP last year, and who was the big woop”


    JA, I hope you stay healthy this season, because from what I saw in Reading (I’m from Reading) you have what it takes to make an impact on a major league team. Good luck, and I hope not to see you in Reading… Stay in AAA and make it to the bigs!


    J.A. – Congratulations on making it to your first of what I’m sure will be many Major League Spring Training camps. Enjoy every minute of the experience, you’ve earned it. I’m proud of what you have accomplished and what you are yet to accomplish, including getting your degree from Northwestern University.

    Best of Luck! Larry Bianchi


    Welcome to the bigs…at least in ST. Looking forward to watching you become an intewgral part of the Phillies’ ML team for years to come!! Tho’ I hope our big club’s pitcers do well and stay healthy, injuries or “stuff” happens, so get and be ready! Good luck, too!!


    Very exciting JA!!! Enjoy yourself and best of luck this baseball season. Sending our love from California, Jenny & Chris


    Yo J.A., Hope everything is well. Big shot getting a blog for yourself now! Hope camp is going well and hope your arm is feeling great, best of luck.

    Gary and Scott (my nephew)

    PS- We demand more updates!


    Hey J.A. (or James; take your pick)

    You quickly became one of my favorite players at Reading last year, because you were one of the big reasons they turned around the second half of the season, so I’ve been crossing my fingers for you ever since.

    I can imagine that ST would be intimidating at first, but I’m glad to see you’re having fun in Clearwater. Best of luck this upcoming season, wherever you may be! (I’d be selfish and say Reading but…)

    Hope you update soon, too! 🙂



    JA, just do your best and have fun, you deserve to be there, and will go further in the future, thats all that matters. Me and my buddies just can’t wait for the season to start so we decided to take an imprompt to road trip to Clearwater, so we’ll be seeing you down there at the end of the month. Until then tell chase and ryan and everyone else I said hi, and get ready for the blood bath that the phils are gonna start in the NLE this season.


    Dan Duffey

    AXP Drexel University.


    Just to welcome you in that special Philly way (unlike most of the comments I’ve read so far):

    Welcome to big league camp kid. Don’t unpack!

    Good Luck. I am sure we’ll see you in Philthy soon enough.


    Congrats Happ, glad to see you are moving your way up the ladder. Hope to see you pitch on TV.

    J. Martinez

    Grand Junction, Co


    Hey J.A.,

    It’s amazing how far you have come….I never doubted that you would make it this far….

    Congrats and good luck 🙂



    Hey J.A.,

    It’s amazing how far you have come….I never doubted that you would make it this far….

    Congrats and good luck 🙂



    Great outing
    Glad the family got to see the game

    Listen to Moyer

    The Cubs tried to make him a coach about 20 years ago



    Keep up the great work and enjoy every minute. We’re all pulling for you back here in IL.

    Drew,Marsha and Family


    congrats on another big step. Keep up the hard work. We’re all proud of you back here at the academy and folowing you closely. looking forward to seeing you in the bigs soon.




    We are all pulling for you and the Phills.Stay positive.

    Glad the family got to see you.


    Hey J.A. i hope your having a great time in spring training. I have my fingers crossed for you. I am trying to get my dad to get the MLB pass for TV so I can watch you pitch. In the mean time i have 2 just follow your stats. Good Luck!!!!!


    (Your Cousin)

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